Launching 2016










A brand new state of the art learning center that will be open 24/7 and 365 days out of the year!


Social skills are important building blocks in a child’s life and a safe playful environment leads to long lasting friendships!

Healthy Meals

Well balanced meals and snacks to assist in the well balanced nourishment of each and every child

Learning Facilities

Before school and after school homework assistance and a full staff of teachers including preparatory instruction for toddlers entering preschool

a little about..

Judah Childhood Learning Center

Right now Judah is currently embarking on the biggest venture yet to help the local community and abroad. Caring for children no matter the age, has always been Apostle Morton’s soft spot. With this in mind came the opening of Hannah’s House Day Care center located on the lower level of Judah Worship Center 8 years ago. Now God has chosen to bring forth a larger vision that has been on Apostle Morton’s heart for some time now and that is to build a place for children to learn and be nourished 24/7. Having such a place would allow parents who work odd shifts to go to work and have reputable care providers to look after their children. Also having such a place would provide safety for children and allow parents to better prepare for the arrival of their children. Parents will be able to get home and unwind while preparing dinner or bring their children in extra early to the learning center so they can make their shift at work in the morning. 

All meals and accommodations will be included as well as help with homework and tutoring. Playtime is also a huge factor in developing social skills and absorbing the beautiful grounds that mother nature provides will allow for beautiful friendships to blossom and bloom inside our safe and customized playground zone. Unfortunately that isn’t so for most kids in Baltimore City. There is no safe area designated especially for kids to run and play and enjoy the afternoon air. Judah has this problem covered by also building a state of the art playground area completey fenced off to unauthorized people and strangers.

Join us as we expand on the original vision of Hannah’s House Day Care Center.  This ground breaking expansion aims to serve the overworked parent and cater to their children in a round-the-clock way.